A refrigerator is probably the most important home appliance. It is used every day and can influence a family’s mealtime experience. But, a fridge is a major investment. That is why a fridge needs regular maintenance to keep it in its top shape. Even if you have the meilleur frigidaire, it can have a shortened life without regular and proper maintenance. Whether you have a new or old fridge, there are things you can do to make your appliance more effective than ever. Below are some tips to extend the life of your refrigerator and keep it working perfectly:

Keep the Coils Clean

The cooling coils are what make your fridge tick. They can be found behind or underneath the unit. The coils are prone to dust, pet dander, and dirt. The coils keep your food cold and fridge working perfectly; however, if they have built up a significant amount of dirt, their efficiency will be compromised. In fact, they can even burn out altogether if the buildup gets worse. The coils need to be vacuumed out every few months. Also, all debris must be removed to minimise strain on the fridge.

Don’t Put Anything on the Top

You may want to use the top of the fridge as an extra shelf to store snacks. However, you should not do this. The fridge releases excess heat through the top and putting things on this area will trap the heat in. As a result, the motor will need to work harder to maintain optimal temperatures inside the fridge. Over time, this can seriously damage the unit and the food you want to store in it.

Maintain the Seals

The seal along the fridge door’s inner edge keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. If the seal has gaps or leaks, the temperature of the fridge will drop enough to let bacteria grow on food. Also, it forces the unit to work harder than normal to make up for the cold air it has lost. Detecting a loose seal is quite easy. You just need to insert half a dollar bill into the door and shut it. The bill should not slip out if there is no gap. Otherwise, you need to get your seal fixed.

Keep the Fridge Full

A fridge can work better if it is full. As the items inside the unit get cold, the keep the entire fridge’s temperature down, allow it to relax a bit and delegate some of the work.

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