You are eager to have your kitchen style which means custom kitchens to meet your desired look. But for that, you need to understand different types of cabinets which includes stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets.

Understand that the major difference between these categories is the way they are designed and not the quality.

Let us look at these types in detail.

Stock cabinets are cabinets made in advance and just shipped when the order is received. They are known as modular kitchens and are completely readymade. You do not have the option of customization.


  • Such cabinets are affordable.
  • You get fast delivery, without much delay.

The drawback is that you get limited selection in terms of shape, style or material.

These are available in a standard width of 9″ with 3″ which can extend up to 48″.

In terms of depth, you get 12″ for wall cabinets and 24″ for the oven, base, and utility cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets are stock cabinets but built after an order is received. They are not designed beforehand.  However, the size remains standard. The difference is that customers have a choice to change certain features such as altering the size of drawers or reducing the depth of kitchen cabinets.


  • You get some kind of satisfaction that there is your input in designing the cabinets.
  • It gives you best of both the world’s custom kitchens as well as stock kitchen cabinets.

Custom Cabinets

The best part about custom cabinets is you can decide the width and depth of the cabinets. You can give your specifications and get the desired kitchen look. Also, you can start with a standard size cabinet and later on add the custom features. Also, you get hundreds of combination to choose from as there is no limitation.

Hence, the major drawback is that such cabinets are expensive and require more labor. Apart from that, it takes a few weeks or months to get the cabinets ready. Skilled carpenter is at times appointed to build custom cabinets. Also, the cost will involve the installation and delivery charges which will lead to an increase in your budget.

To conclude, if you’re looking to save money stock cabinets are your best bet. They are done quickly. On the other hand, if you have a small-sized kitchen, semi-custom might be a good choice. As discussed you will get more range of accessories and size options. However, if you want to meet the cabinet design with the overall décor or furniture, custom cabinets are the right fit.

Before going ahead with custom cabinets you must check that the company which you are choosing is genuine. You may not get a chance to express the features which you desire. Thus, analyse the right option and get a high-quality kitchen.

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