The presence of bedbugs in any house is an extremely painful experience for the residents of that house. Bed bugs are like mini beasts with the capability of multiplying and rising ever so fast. Even though the outwardly effects of having bedbugs are not overtly visible, it has the capability to cause many serious problems.

Psychological Effects

Other than rashes and other skin problems, bed bugs can leave one with psychological problems too. These can range from denial of the situation to denial of the gravity of the situation, social isolation, shame, sleeplessness, anxiety and depressive symptoms and even distress. Studies have proved that having bed bugs can impact the social life and mental health of people. It further weakens the health of people who already have a mental health problem.

The lack of adequate intervention promotes the problem of bed bugs to exist and raises the damage by which it not only spreads all over one’s own dwelling but also the dwellings of other people who visit it and carry it along.

Need for Extermination

The only solution to punaise de lit (French for bed bugs) is to exterminate it. Many a times one tends to take the situation lightly or take some remedial measures by their own self. But bed bugs call for total and effective eradication and not in small measures. Even if a few bugs are left over they will grow and multiply back in no time.

There are many ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) sites that advice home remedies such as rubbing alcohol or essential oils in the effected areas to get rid of the bugs. Some other remedies also include bug sprays and insecticides. However, it is not possible to get rid of every single bug through these solutions. Ultimately, we need the expert professional hands to do the work and clear out the bugs completely.

The exterminators are the fool proof solution to get rid of the bed bugs as they are trained on the biology and behaviour of the bugs and know where to look for them and the exact solution required.


There are various types of treatments done by the exterminators such as heat treatment, treatment with approved bed bug products, dry steam treatments, combined treatments and so on. The type of treatment depends on the situations and extent of bug infestation. One can find in details about the treatments by getting in touch with the experts.

Hence, it can safely be concluded that total eradication of the bedbugs is essential. This can be made possible only by a professional bed bug exterminator.

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